Information on warranty

Terms and Conditions

  1. Warranty on all internal parts and labor is given for a period of one (1) year from the purchase date of desktops, notebooks, netbooks, LCD monitors, tablet PC’s, interactiveboards and e-Readers; six (6) months for game controllers; and three (3) months for computer peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, headset and webcam devices.
  2. The company does not provide door-to-door maintenance services. The following do not fall within the scope of warranty: (1) non-compliance with the manufacturer’sinstructions, causing damage to the product; (2) products serviced by unauthorized representatives; (3) damages due to modification, improper installation, misuse or neglect;(4) damages to natural disasters, fires, earthquakes and the like; (5) warranty cards or recipients that do not record purchase dates, serial numbers, dealer names and other details; (6) connecting other equipment causing damage and failure; (7) damage due to malware and other viruses; and (8) other damages outside the manufacturer’s control.
  3. Please keep the warranty card that comes with your unit. This card is irreplaceable once lost.
  4. Damage or defacement of seals, labels and serial numbers of the product may lead to warranty void.
  5. All warranties are subject to terms and conditions as stipulated by REDFOX™ Technologies Inc.

Warranty is Void due to the following:

  • Products with missing or defaced serial numbers ( Serial Tampering )
  • Products damaged by environmental factors, which include oxidation and/or damages caused by natural disasters ( example , Flood )
  • Products damage by insects, example the units is damage due to ants, cockroach and mice.
  • CID , Customer Induced Damage, example, the end user drop the item to the floor or Liquid spill, etc
  • Product warranty claim is different from the actual product.
  • Problems caused by using accessories, parts, or components not supplied by Redfox.
  • Broken Security Seal, meaning end user unauthorized repairing the unit.
  • Physical Damages which include, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Unauthorized modifications
  2. Misuse, neglect or improper assembly
  3. Transport damages due to carrier
  4. Burns resulting from faulty or failed electric power


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