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About Redfox Technologies

Redfox Technologies is a manufacturing company that boasts decades of expertise in research and development. It provides original designs, follows the best manufacturing practice, and distributes consumer electronics and service solutions for businesses today, upgrading its lineup by adding luxurious products to its already wide portfolio.

The company has a solid industry experience as an end-to-end solution provider. As it continued to develop, it formed new sub-companies to provide high-quality products, delivering all the hardware and software resources, and engaging from conceptualization, to production, and up to the distribution of the finish product.

Said sub-companies are Redfox Laboratory International Ltd., a company that puts effort on the Research and Development (R&D) of Redfox products, with offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong (hardware) and Philippines (software); ALE Components Inc., a company based in Cavite, Philippines, concentrating on Redfox’s Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS); Asiantech, a company also based in the Philippines that focuses on the distribution, logistic and warehousing of Redfox; and Wiz Store, Redfox’s concept store, catering to retailers and kiosks, with two (2) branches located at SM North and SM Marikina.

Other subsidiaries include YKP Redfox Training Center, QMAX HK, and Redfox Solution for technical support. All the sub-companies are formed to support and strengthen the brand.

Redfox is set to put up an UXperience Center – a first in Southeast Asia – to showcase the company’s most innovative products and solutions. This approach is expected to catapult the Filipino brand into the global stage.

  • Digital Classroom – this new innovative approach in the 21st century learning uses the latest REDFOX educational technology solutions that can be applied to both the private and public schools in the country.
  • InterActive Gaming Arena – this showcase and events place for hardcore and gaming aficionados will offer a venue for international competitions, propelling Philippines eSports awareness to the Filipino youth and building a cultural bond among the international gaming community.
  • Innovative IT Solutions – this new product design and solutions for Internet of Things will catapult the Philippine-based brand to be at par and in serious competition with the big names in the industry.

Redfox offers an extensive line of products that includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, gaming PCs, and other IT peripherals.  As a brand fashioned under Redfox Technologies International Ltd, Redfox is committed to bring “Luxury within Reach,” offering the finest IT and most luxurious commercial products, and providing the best customer service.

Redfox is positioned to compete in the global market, presenting a new line of products that exudes quality, confidence, and sophistication, improved with the use of cutting-edge technology and game-changing ideas. This widens the company’s portfolio and gives birth to a more innovative brand with a penchant for bringing luxury within reach to its customers.

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