Manila Philippines- Redfox was present in one of the biggest E-Sports competition/gaming conventions in Southeast Asia held last October 28-30, 2016 at the SMX Convention, Mall of Asia Complex. The E-Sports Gaming Summit (ESGS) became the convergence for different gaming companies, gaming developers, and toy/merchandise exhibitors. The summit was likewise attended by several schools offering game development courses, gamers and toy collectors who enthusiastically tried Redfox’s new line of gaming equipment and peripherals. Many of the participants lingered in the booth area for an exciting game of VR, Tekken, Counter-Strike, and Need for Speed. Redfox has always been a regular fixture at these events owing to its partnership with the Game Developer Association of the Philippines (GDAP).

About Redfox Redfox Technologies is a manufacturing company that is built on producing innovative products, with a highly efficient QA Service and strong strategic marketing execution. Having these qualities enable Redfox to do OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing), ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), and OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing). Redfox develops, manufactures, and markets reliable, high-quality, secure and easy-to-use technology products and services for customers who want to experience luxurious technology within reach. The company has solid industry experience as an end-to-end solution provider. As it continued to evolve, it formed new sub-companies providing high-quality products, delivering hardware and software resources, and the genesis of product development from conceptualization, production, until distribution of the completed product.

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